i'm a festival, i'm a parade

لا تظن الهدوء الذي تراه في الوجوه يدل على الرضا .. لكل إنسان شيء في داخله يهزهُ ويعذبه

Don’t mistake the calmness you see on faces for satisfaction; inside every human, there is a thing torturing him

-Abdulrahman Munif (1933 - 2004) - A novelist born to a Saudi father & Iraqi Mother & brought up in Jordan.. best known for his trilogy “Cities of Salt” (via arabicquotes)

Jack Nicholson & Anjelica Huston, 1983.

Miuniku F/W 2013 photographed by Brendan Peer for Used Magazine

Daniel Radcliffe walking 12 dogs while smoking a cigarette

the xx - night time

River Phoenix on the set of My Own Private Idaho
No one’s life seems great between midnight and 7 a.m. Go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow.
-(via coyotegold)

Lost in Translation (2003) Sofia Coppola